When Leadership Counts

You’ve heard the adage, everything rises and falls on leadership. Is this true? Do you believe it? Perhaps you are saying, “Well, maybe it’s true, but not in my case.” So think of a particular person. Okay, I bet you have concluded in your mind of course that they, not you the leader, are messed up. They have problems and issues that have nothing to do with you. While this might be true, remember everything rises and falls on leadership. So here is the question; what can YOU do to assist this messed up, problem making, issue-laden person? Again, I know I am redundant, but what can YOU do? It’s on you LEADER.

Answer: Connect & Care. Yes, connect and care! I hear you saying, “I don’t have time, I just need this person to do their J.O.B.” Here in lies the problem. This person, desires a leader, like all those you lead, who will connect with them beyond the J.O.B., and they need to know you C.A.R.E. What do I mean by care? Glad you asked:

  • C-connect with them, know something about them and notice them.
  • A-assume they want to do good work. So often when leaders have “problem people” they marginalize them and treat them as a problem. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • R-realize they require assistance. Strategize with the person by asking him or her, how you can help? What resources do they need? What would allow for better outcomes? Respect and expect the individual to come up with answers.
  • E-empathize with the person concerning the mess, problem or issue that is causing him or her to be your leadership nightmare. Then empower him or her to do something about it. Often as leaders, we unknowingly disrespect those we are called to lead by solving things for expediency. The problem is we don’t create environments for those we lead to change, mature, and grow. We take away their power, and we blame the person for being difficult. Remember, empathize and empower!

You are the leader, so accept my challenge to CONNECT & CARE! I know you are up to this challenge because you want to know what to do about the person that consumes most of your time. In the eyes of those you lead, everything rises and falls on YOU their leader.

“Leadership is doing the easy consistently not looking for the complex in one shot.”

Yours truly, Allison Johnson

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